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How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Printer? 44-8000465291

  • How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Printer? 44-8000465291

    Learn How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Printer via instructional manual booklet. You may also refer to Canon official website for some good tips on setting up of Canon PIXMA MG3540 Printer wirelessly. Getting your PIXMA printer connected wireless enable you to print from anywhere at your home, working place and if school going or college this is the best choice you can make when purchasing the printer device.  You can connect to Canon Printer Technical Support for any query and follow the simple steps of setting up of Canon PIXMA MG3540 Printer Wirelessly.



    Steps to Setup Canon PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Printer

    WPS and Standard Connection Method are the two to connect the PIXMA MG3540.


    WPS Connection Method: The easiest method of connecting the PIXMA MG3540 Printer to network without needing password and easy method of connecting devices. Before you go through steps of WPS Connection Method some conditions need to be met which are:


    • Access Point must have physical WPS push button available
    • Network must be using WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol


    Step 1: Make sure Printer is ON, Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on top of printer till alarm lamp flashes once


    Step 2: Lamp next to above mentioned button flashes blue and run to your access point to press WPS button in less than 3min.


    Step 3: Now the printer has successfully made connection, the power and Wi-Fi lamp will stop flashing and remain lit.


    Confirmation to Network Settings: To make sure printer is connected successfully to wireless network:


    • Make sure printed is ON
    • Load A4 or letter sized plain paper sheet
    • Press and hold the resume or cancel button until alarm lamp 15time flashes and then release it
    • Network information page will be printed for you successfully
    • When referring to printout check Connection indicates Active and that SSID which is Service Set Identifier indicating correct name of your wireless network.


    This concludes WPS Setup Procedure then you need to install the software in order to make the most of the PIXMA MG3540 Printer. You need either to have CD, or download the manual and software of PIXMA MG3540 printer model.


    Another Method In case your router does not support WPS an alternative instruction to get PIXMA MG3540 connected via Standard Connection Method.


    Step 1: Insert the CD which came along with the Printer device, you can also download the manual and software of Canon Printer model number PIXMA MG3540


    Step 2: Initial screen appears as followed click on next. Mac users need to type password as the helper tool will be downloaded click on next.

    canon printer setup


    Step 3: Screen displayed asking you to connect between USB or wireless connection


    connect to printer

    Step 4: Making sure printer is turned on and lamp power is on click on next

    prepare for connection


    Step 5: Click on connect to network tab

    click on network


    Step 6: After connecting to network click on Cableless setup

    setup procedure


    Step 7: Hold the printer Wi-Fi button (A) till the orange lamp flashes and then release after the second flash.

    connection via cableless


    Step 8: Makes sure blue (Wi-Fi) lamp flashes quickly and green power lamp is lit click next.

    printer connection


    Step 9: Screen appears for region selection and click on next

    select your place


    Step 10: Select place of residence and click on next


    Step 11: Select the software you wish to install and click next


    Step 12: Click on agree of end user license agreement

    license agree ment of canon


    Step 13: Installation Wizard Processes and click on Next

    install wizard process


    Step 14: Screen appears with model number and name of wireless network. Along which Windows Cabless Setup is completed.


    Canon Printer Customer Support Number


    After the above steps performed and still Canon PIXMA MG3540 Printer not working it is high time to get in touch with Canon Printer Customer Support Number UK @ +44-800-069-8086 (toll-free) for the proper guidance from the trained technicians.  As there may be chances after you have tried your best to setup the device successfully. It is always better to get basic troubleshooting done under the proper guidance of the experts how actually work frequently with issues as well. Get the printer installed successfully and enjoy your printing.

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